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Civilian casualties and massacres committed against the people of Afrin in the month of February

The Massacre of El Basouta was the most serious crime committed against civilians, especially children. The massacre of one family of nine killed a child who lost her life. The rest were injured by shrapnel in the body. One of the children remained critical.

Turkey have also not resorted to the use of internationally prohibited weapons such as chlorine (the world's most dangerous gas), which poisoned and suffocated six civilians in the Aranda area in the Shiya area.

The following are Names of some of the victims:

Name Age Date Diagnosis
Haifa Ahmed Kalaho 2 2018/2/19 Death due to shelling
Ibrahim Rashid Rasho 5 2018/2/24 Death due to shelling
Omar Fawaz Aboud 1 2018/2/21 Multiple bruises
Abdo Sheikhou 2 2018/2/13 Forehead injury
Lawand Mustafa Adnan 2 2018/2/11 Head injury
Lawand Mustafa Adnan 2 2018/2/11 Head injury
Omar Said Al Ali 4 2018/2/23 Multiple bruises
Hamid Rashid Mahmoud 4 2018/2/4 Forehead injury
Shafan Khalil Kalaho 6 2018/2/19 Multiple fragments
Ahmed Mohamed Khaljiko 7 2018/2/3 Head injury
Raghad Fawaz Al Aboud 8 2018/2/21 Head injury & bruises
Djouar Nazmi Kalahou 8 2018/2/19 Right knee injury
Hussain Rashid Rashou 9 2018/2/24 Injury to the abdomen and a break in hand combs
Mohamed Ziad Nabih 9 2018/2/19 Fragments in hand and thigh
Mamo Mohamed Ahmad 9 2018/2/27 Multiple Bruising
Mohamed Nouri Ibrahim 10 2018/2/15 Bruising in the head
Roha Ahmed Mohamed 10 2018/2/13 Broken nose
Mustafa Badr Darmash 10 2018/2/9 ureter Injury
Mahmoud Badr Darmash 10 2018/2/9 Fragmentsin in the face and stomach
Abdul Rahman Fawaz 10 2018/2/21 Ankle trauma & bruises
Genav Ziad Kalaho 11 2018/2/19 knee injury
Hanan Mohamed Kalaho 11 2018/2/19 back and foot Injury
Ava Khalil Kalaho 11 2018/2/19 Forearm Injury
Ali Hassan El Masry 13 2018/2/16 Multiple fragments in the body
Delber Calaho 14 2018/2/19 Multiple Bruising
Jomah Fawaz Al Aboud 14 2018/2/21 Forehead Wounded & Bruises
Rachid Mustafa 15 2018/2/23 Fragments in left side of the face
Nour Fouad Anas 15 2018/2/22 Multiple Bruising
Mohammed Sheikh Nabi 15 2018/2/22 Fragments in the pelvis
Ali Mohamed Hassan 16 2018/2/23 Foot and left hand injury
Haifa Mohamed Ahmed 16 2018/2/3 Wrist injury
Kawa Ahmed Habib 17 2018/2/18 Splint and broken thigh
Akram Othman Sheikho 17 2018/2/19 Arterial bleeding