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Civilians Victims of
Turkish Terrorism

668 Air strikes

413 Wounded

180 Martyrs

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Kurds say Syrian city of Afrin is being 'ethnically cleansed' by Turkish military

Hospitals are struggling to save those caught up in airstrikes and shelling, many of them young children, in a city under siege.
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Turkish and Qatari role in supporting terrorism at the discussion table in Geneva, Switzerland

Arab Organization for Human Rights in cooperation with the Kurdish Center for Studies and the Kurdish Red Crescent in Afrin in Britain and Europe discussed the role played by Turkey and Qatar in supporting and financing terrorism
Geneva, Switzerland. Read More

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'Syria: Civilian Deaths in Turkish Attacks May Be Unlawful Survivors Describe Attacks on Tents, Home, Farm

On January 20, Turkey opened a military offensive in the Afrin district. Survivors Describe Attacks on Tents, Home, Farm Read More

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Syria: Hundreds of civilian lives at risk as Afrin offensive escalates

“The fighting in Afrin between Turkish and US-backed Kurdish forces has already caused numerous civilian deaths and is putting the lives of hundreds more at risk,”
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'This is a massacre': Turkey's bombs drive families into caves

(CNN)Kurdish families huddle on blankets in a dimly lit cave. Others hide in the rubble of a bombed-out building, gathered around a campfire. Those that have basements seek shelter there.
This is life in Afrin. Read More

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Why are world leaders backing this brutal attack against Kurdish Afrin?

Three years ago the world watched a ragtag band of men and women fighters in the Syrian town of Kobane, most armed only with Kalashnikovs, hold off a vast army of Islamist militants with tanks, artillery and overwhelming logistical superiority. The defenders insisted they were acting in the name of revolutionary feminist democracy. The Islamist fighters vowed to exterminate them for that very reason. When Kobane’s defenders won, it was widely hailed as the closest one can come, in the contemporary world, to a clear confrontation of good against evil.
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Turkey shelling Afrin Indiscriminately

village of Maabatli Sido-eyewitness

"The attack destroyed the house completely, killing the father, mother and three children younger than 15. A fourth child... survived but is in critical condition," he was quoted as saying by Amnesty. "There are no military headquarters next to the house… The closest frontline is 41km away at the border."

Lama Fakih deputy Middle East director.

“It appears that vulnerable civilians are facing displacement and death because of the way Turkey’s latest offensive is being conducted,”

Ben Wedeman CNN'S reports.

Afrin Residents Fear Turkish Onslaught Civilians caught in the middle of conflict: homes destroyed, hospitals bombed. Turkey's offensive in Afrin, Syria is now almost a month old. For the Yazidi minority, the ultimate fear is persecution.

Wladimir Van WilgenburgJOURNALIST

Turkey is using refugees to justify attacks on Efrin, Syrian Kurds say Ethnic cleansing is underway: "The Turkish attacks on Afrin are a campaign of genocide, changing the region’s demographics and replacing the indigenous population

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