Turkish and Qatari role in supporting terrorism at the discussion table in Geneva,
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01 March 2018

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain and Europe, in cooperation with the Kurdish Center for Studies in Germany and the Kurdish Red Crescent in Afrin held a seminar at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva to discuss the comprehensive war launched by the Turkish state at all levels against the Kurdish people and the blatant 40-day aggression against Afrin district.
The Director of the Public Relations Department at the Kurdish Center for Studies, Qusay Sheikho, addressed the aggression by the Turkish army and al-Qaeda groups on the Afrin district, in addition to highlighting the historical and political dimensions of the Turkish state's hostility against the Kurdish people.
Shaikho also pointed to the media support for the institutions of the State of Qatar in support of the killing of civilians and the legitimization of terrorist organizations and trying to provide them as forces seeking to achieve democracy, despite the existence of evidence and evidence of the involvement of these groups war crimes.
In a related context, the joint president of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Nuri Sheikh Qanbar, participated in the symposium via Skype. Where he talked about the crimes committed by the Turkish state in its aggression against the province. Sheikh Qanbar gave detailed information on the crimes committed by the Turkish state and its extremist groups in the villages of the countryside of Afrin.
For his part, President of the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain and Europe, Abdulrahman Nofal, spoke about the crimes of the State of Qatar against the family of Al-Mari, where the Qatari regime stripped the 5,000 people of the family of nationality on the grounds of expressing their opinion of the Qatari system.
The organization offered a four-minute documentary about the family, during which members of the family talked about their tragic situation after grabbing their nationality and taking their money.