24 February 2018

Human Rights Watch (HRW )
Issued a report on 23\2\2018 that spoke about targeting of civilians on three different dates January 21,27 and 28.
Those attacks left 26 civilians dead, among them 17 children.
Kurdish Red Crescent ( KRC ) states that the report is positive and accurate in the three mentioned dates, and it proves Turkish attacks against civilians in their socalled Olives Branch operation.
We also want to shed light on the many sides that HRW has not considered although the KRC sent HRW reports with victim's names, photos and paramedics' photos, too.
The KRC paramedics were witnesses to the attack in the Jindiras district on January 23rd , especially because our medical point and ambulances were targeted.
This attack was not even mentioned in the report.
We also sent HRW a report about the Basuteh massaccer where most of the victims were children, but the report has not mentioned that massacre.
Other reports sent by KRC and weren't mentioned in the HRW report were about displacement of Afrin people, property theft, and mutilation of corpses.
KRC is an independent humanitarian organization works in
Afrin and has witnessed all these violations done by Turkish government. We hope HRW will continue issuing more reports on Turkish violations in Afrin against civilians.
As KRC we will be pleased to help HRW and all other organization that are working on the field of human rights and protecting the lives of civilians. We also urge
Amnesty International ( AI), Doctors Without Borders ( MSF), UNICEF and other organizations to follow the dire situation of the civilians in Afrin closely and share their reports with the public.

Kurdish Red Crescent