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Ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims.

February Report March Massacres
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Is a district as well as a city in the North of Syria, and has become part of self-autonomous rule since its establishment in 2012. The region’s population was nearly 500,000 before 2011, it is comprised of many towns and circa 380 villages. The area was considered as a safe haven for IDPs from many areas all over Syria and the current unconfirmed number of the civilians is around 800,000 people including IDPs. Efrîn, through the partnership of all ethnic and religious groups, had begun to lay the foundations of lasting peace, with a democratic self-governance.

Heyva Sor a Kurd (the Kurdish Red Crescent)

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Heyva Sor a Kurd is a Kurdish institution carrying out humanitarian aid activities in light of universal values and principles with the aim of providing help to anyone who suffers war, disaster and poverty. Regardless of their ethnicity, religion and political preferences. During this critical situations our institution is the only organisation providing humanitarian aid in Efrîn.

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